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What exactly is Phentermine and what is its use? It is a stimulant generally used as an appetite suppressor, which effects the nervous system and is a Schedule IV controlled substance. It is similar to amphetamine, normally used for the treatment of narcolepsy and depression. In conjunction with a proper diet and exercise, Phentermine assists controlling obesity having risk factors such as high blood pressure or diabetes. One word of caution, do not use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

According to the federal law in the United States, purchasing Phentermine pills involves a valid prescription from a licensed health professional. Failure to do otherwise and you may be fined and incarcerated. Your physician will be able to prescribe and, more importantly advise you on the appropriate way to take the medication. Let’s be realistic, wouldn’t you rather take the time with a physician, setting up a functional program with a prescription drug than guessing on what you should be doing? When it comes to medication, guessing is not a very good thing to do.


There are weight loss products on the market that have similar qualities as Phentermine that you can buy without a prescription but of course, it will not be the compound Phentermine. Can you find it outside of the US? Most likely but again, would you rather have a physician who understands your physiology and can explain the best way to use the prescription for your particular situation?

Unless you possess a medical degree and can differentiate drug interactions and dosages it is dangerous to self-medicate. The human body is a process of chemical reaction working in harmony. Medications of any form alter those reactions to benefit the body if used correctly.

A valid prescription involves that an actual doctor-patient relation must exist, and that the physician must have your complete history, completing an adequate examination on the patient before prescribing the medication.

A heightening number of patients are turning to online consultation companies to supply them with the necessary prescription for their therapies. Many online pharmacies provide consultation services over the Internet; some of them even offer the consultation free. The online physician sends a prescription, which you can fill via the online pharmacy.
With that information, you should be leery, on-line doctors cannot take your vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature and pulse.


That information is critical when it comes to prescribing a medication to a patient. An example would be that a side effect of a certain medication elevates blood pressure but because your blood pressure read high, the physician decides to change his mind and prescribe you a more risk-free medication than what he would normally prescribe for your medical situation.